A brown dog sits behind a clear window on a red brick porch, in front of a brick house surrounded by trees and bushes.

Is Madison, Wisconsin A Dog Friendly City?

Madison, Wisconsin Is Known For Being A Dog Friendly City For Many Reasons:

1. Several parks and outdoor spaces in Madison allow dogs. There are over 260 parks in the city, and many of them have designated off-leash dog areas where dogs can play and exercise. In addition, there are several hiking trails and nature preserves in the area that allow dogs too.

Check Out These Popular Dog Park Destinations:

  • Warner Park: Located on Madison’s North Side, this park has a 26-acre off-leash area that includes open fields, wooded areas and a pond for dogs to swim.
  • Sycamore Park: Located on Madison’s East Side, this park has a fenced-in off-leash area that is open year round. It also has a separate area for small dogs.
  • Quann Park: Located just South of Monona Bay, this park has a large off-leash area that is fully fenced and has a small dog area too! There is also a water station.
  • Prairie Moraine Dog Park: Located just outside of Madison in Verona, this park has 160 acres of off-leash space for dogs to run and play. It includes several trails, open fields and wooded areas.
  • The Boneyard: A dog park and Biergarten in one! The Boneyard is an off-leash dog park that also serves beer, food and has a great schedule of live music and events. Check out The Boneyard Madison for more info!

Click here to see a full of Madison’s off-leash dog parks: City Of Madison Dog Parks

2. Madison has a strong dog-loving community. There are many events and activities in the city that are focused on dogs and their owners, such as The Hilldale Farmer’s Market, dog-friendly restaurant patios, and even a Dog Paddle event where dogs are invited to swim in one of the city’s public pools before it’s drained for the season. There are also many community organizations in Madison aimed at rehabilitating and finding homes for dogs in need. Our favorite is Fetch Wisconsin Rescue – they’re always looking for volunteers too!
3. Madison is filled with doggy daycares that provide a safe and stimulating environment for dogs to play and socialize while their owners are at work. Some popular doggy daycare options are:
As you can see Madison ❤️s dogs!


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