How To Elevate Your Home Regardless Of The Price Point

How To Elevate Your Home Regardless Of The Price Point

At Insiders Realty, we believe that homes of any price point can and should feel like a million bucks! Whether you are looking to elevate your spaces so you can live a little more lux, or you are thinking of putting your home on the market and want to get the most bang for your buck – these are our tried and true tips to help elevate your spaces:


Light fixtures have an immense impact on the mood and energy of a home. A lack of lighting will play a negative role in how your home presents. Beautiful lighting will harmonize your home design and bring a timeless elegance to any space. You can find very impactful lighting fixtures on a budget – think sconces, an entryway chandelier, island pendants, bedroom lighting (sorry, but you’re going to have to say goodbye to ceiling fans), bathroom lighting as well as accent lighting like table-top lamps or floor lamps.


To create an elegant and elevated space, your paint and wall coverings are extremely significant. Walls and decor should complement each other seamlessly. Whether you go with soft neutrals or something with a punch of color – keep it high quality and classic.

Keep It Cozy

One of the secrets to having an elevated look is to add fresh, oversized pillows. Pillows make you want to get comfortable and stay a while. Add them to your living rooms, bedrooms or even a nook under a window. Pillows add another layer of color and texture to your decor that can be the perfect touch to take you from blah to beautiful!

Window Treatments

Window coverings are essential to styling your home. A simple elevated look is to layer a natural woven textured roman shade with a white curtain. The woven shade can be closed to let in a diffused light during the day, while still giving privacy. The white curtain can be closed at night for greater privacy. Window treatments help frame and define your windows as well as add a finishing touch to the room and cohesiveness of the house.

Wood Flooring

Wood floors will add a high-end and elegant touch to any home. Real wood or even faux-wood such as a luxury laminate will make an impact on the design elements of your home. We hate to say it, but carpet is no-more. Consider running wood or faux-wood throughout the whole home (except for bathrooms of course). Wood not only looks best, but it’s easier to clean and doesn’t harbor any ick like carpeting does.

Tidy Up

Even the most beautiful design and decor can be rapidly diminished by unnecessary clutter in your home. Organize and store any items that take away from the design of the space. A clean, pristine home will always appear to be more elevated and serene.

Trim Work

Trim work is a functional and beautiful aspect of all elevated homes. It creates a crisp and flawless transition from walls to ceilings and walls to floors. It also can add detail and dimension to the most boring wall or hallway. The key is to have it professionally done, because nothing looks worse than a sloppy DIY trim project. In fact if not done well, it can actually detract from the value of your home. Just say no to DIY unless you are well educated and skilled!


Probably the most obvious way to add elegance and elevation to any space is with thoughtful decor. Timeless yet modern mixed with a little vintage is our favorite look. Think boutique and curated over big-box if you are looking for a high-end look. While decor can be a huge investment – we think mixing high with low is the way to go!


Let us use our expertise in the industry, paired with our local insiders knowledge to take all the stress of real estate off your hands, so that you can truly enjoy the process.

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