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You + Homeownership = The Perfect Match

Has anyone ever told you, homeownership would look good on you?
Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a homeowner?
The perfect shade of Sherwin Williams you’d paint the walls (Alabaster), how you’d arrange your furniture, the spot you’d sip your morning coffee in while scrolling through interiors on Pinterest, the kitchen you’d entertain in. It truly is the American dream.

Here Are Our Top 3 Ways To Turn That Dream Into Reality

  1. Stop looking at Zillow and call a real estate agent! Seriously .. we know looking at houses is fun but until you take the first step, your dreams will stay dreams! Let’s set up a zoom call to get you on track.

  2. Figure out your Financing – how much do you need to have saved before starting the process, how much do you need to put down and how much can you afford monthly?

    During our zoom call, we’ll lay out all the expenses to be prepared for and recommend a few of our favorite mortgage lenders who can dive into all the juicy details with you!

  3. Practice makes Homeownership: Once you’ve determined how much money you need to have saved, it’s time to start practicing!
Start setting aside the same amount that your projected monthly mortgage payment would be (pay your rent and save the leftovers). That way you’ll get used to having that expense in your budget.
Want to schedule a Zoom call to get started? Reach out – we would love to be your friendly and trusted advisors!


Let us use our expertise in the industry, paired with our local insiders knowledge to take all the stress of real estate off your hands, so that you can truly enjoy the process.

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