We take a consultative approach to the purchase of your home that is about far more than checking boxes or merely closing the deal. The application of Insiders knowledge and guidance is key for transaction success, and we are proud to combine technology savvy tools with real estate know-how to achieve results in the time frames that matter.

We Think With Strategy + Expertise

Why buy with insiders realty?

to US, a home is more than just a house.

It’s the heart of your family. your cherished gathering place. your own personal haven.

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We give generously of our time, resources and energy to each client, and want our passion for homes and client services to be contagious. Our service is based on old-fashioned ideals, but fueled by new technology and fresh market perspective. When roadblocks arise, we think outside of the box, utilizing all resources, tools and information necessary to create the right solutions.

We Serve With Passion + Efficiency

That is something we love to do and part of being an Insider! We love to network with other agents to find houses that are just about to come on the market and ensure that you are the first to see it. We are also happy to contact homeowners at a specific address or send letters to an entire neighborhood to entice them to sell. This extra step, that not many agents will take, has helped get several of our clients into homes of their dreams even if there was nothing on the market when they began their search. In a competitive market this strategy works best to ensure you have the first and sometimes only shot at the perfect house. Maybe you are thinking about building? We can help guide you through the building process from start to finish making sure you select the best possible builder and lender for the job. Building a house is even more involved than purchasing an existing home, so it’s just as crucial to have us on your side.


Dealing with seller responses, mortgage questions, competitive offer situations - not to mention having to move all of your stuff - all create stress. Trust us, we've all been there. We'll be the gentle voice of reason and support if you feel like unraveling.

We'll have your back

For our sake and yours, this process with be swift, organized, painless and fun! Real estate transactions are complex and involve a lot of moving pieces and it’s not your job to keep track of all the details. We've got it all covered. Additionally, we'll make sure you are in good hands with our “team” of lenders, inspectors, builders, contractors, title and insurance professionals. We'll help pair you with the absolute best people in the industry to be sure that those items are handled with the same level of care that we offer. 


Inspections are important and repair requests are tricky. Our job is to know what is reasonable and unreasonable to request and to negotiate the best outcome for you. We can offer suggestions for contractors, but the ultimate decision is yours. If the seller is providing the repairs prior to closing, we will monitor and document those activities for you.


As your agent, it is our job to work for your best possible price and terms. We take that very seriously. We’re not going to guess how much you should offer. We're going to run the same comparative market analysis that we run when we list a home so we know the true value of the home in the market. We are going to base our offer on data so that you can put your best foot forward without overpaying. We will ensure that you are selecting the appropriate terms and contingencies. Contract negotiation is one of our greatest tools in our toolbox, so you can be sure that every measure will be taken for your offer to have the best chance of being accepted.

We'll present & Negotiate Offers

Better yet, if you’re open to it, we will show you homes that have great potential to build equity. We'll teach you how to look beyond drab carpet, wall paper and clutter to see the real potential of a home. Our favorite saying especially for first-time home buyers is to “buy the cheapest house in the best neighborhood.” If you’ve got the open mind, we'll will provide the investment lesson.

Things like: 

• quality and condition of the home
• location
• costly deferred maintenance items
• unique characteristics that might make it difficult to sell

We won't give you the fluff- we'll give you the facts that matter most. We want you to be informed with every detail of the homes that you consider. We are not going to try to sell you on every home we see. We will be frank with you and assess everything from big ticket items to tiny details to make sure that you are considering homes that are truly best for you. We will not only point out the positives but we will point out the negatives that you should consider. 

We'll Give You Our Two Cents

This sounds basic, but "bad communication" is the #1 complaint that clients have about real estate agents. We'll be in touch with you in a variety of ways. From sending you daily listing alerts, to getting your feedback after showing appointments to weekly check-ins via your preferred method of communication. In addition, we'll be quick to communicate any correspondence from sellers and their agents and vice versa.

We'll stay in touch

Our first job is to sit down with you to get to the core of what you are looking for. If you're not sure that's ok too. We will help you get on track to understand the nuances of Madison’s neighborhoods and surrounding communities. We might even introduce you to areas you may have never considered so that you find the perfect niche for your lifestyle. There are so many options and Madison is a seamless blend of neighborhoods that all have their own flavor. We’ll explore them together.

We'll get to know you

Yes, we demand a good attitude from ourselves. Life is too short to be a grump. We will be a positive force during this adventure. We will be the steady voice of optimism and encouragement during the inevitable bumps in the road.

We'll have a good attitude

The Insiders Promise

Home search factors to consider

Where are the nearest public transportation Hubs? What kind of businesses are nearby? What is the quality of school systems in the area? Questions like these, and others, are necessary as you begin your home search with the “big picture” of your preferred environment. It’s important to ensure you are near useful amenities, utilities and whatnot that meet your personal needs. 

Work Commute

location, location, location

Consider whether it is easy for you to get to and from work on a regular basis. What are traffic patterns like? Is public transport nearby?


You may not have children or plans for children, but regardless, the quality of a school system has an enormous impact on the value of a home and the development of its community.

Public Services

Learn all you can about general municipal services and nearby hospitals, local police, and fire departments.


property type and price

The kind of residence you desire may not exist in every community. Whatever style you prefer, realize that each property type comes with its own set of advantages. A condo in the city will likely have easier access to stores, gyms, and other amenities. On the other hand, if you plan to purchase a detached, single-family home outside of town, you may find that the arrangement affords more privacy and space. Also consider the age of the property.


Before touring homes, break down your budget and assess what the ceiling is for your maximum monthly payment. Meet with a reputable lender to determine which loan programs are available to you, how much you’ll need to budget for closing costs, etc.

You may be a couple looking for a small retirement home, a growing family in need of an upgrade or an individual looking to get out of apartment life.

Whatever your situation, know that every listing you preview will reflect its own unique style, size, and shape, so it’s important to decide what your expectations and requirements actually are. Meanwhile, don’t forget the overarching financial considerations to consider as you move forward.

for the home of your dreams

The Buyer Guide

"You don't want someone with the heart of a salesman, you want someone with the heart of a teacher." - Dave Ramsey

We believe wholeheartedly in being a Real Estate Team who will educate you about the process and set you up for success. We won't be pushy and make you feel pressured. We will instead empower you with options and explain what outcomes could result. Sharing all our tips & tricks is what we do best and what we love most!

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The Buying Process

A Quick Overview

Start Home Hunting

We are available at any time to help you find your ideal home, utilizing powerful and efficient tools.

Submit Your Offer

When you find the right home, we will help you write a competitive offer right away.

Go Under Contract

Once you have an accepted offer -we will get to work on all the particular dates, deadlines and contingencies.

Conduct Inspections

Within 14 days of Mutual Acceptance, inspections are performed to ensure the property is right for you.

Sign & Close

Bring yourself, your downpayment and your driver’s license to the closing. Your next "steps" will be into your new home!

Move In & Enjoy

The home is yours to love. Enjoy!

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